Fr 14. Dez 2018
Einlass 19:00
Beginn 20:00
Chelsea U-Bahnbögen 29-30
1080 Wien

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Their music celebrates levity, the lightheartedness of juvenileness. Viktoria’s base lines offer the melody to fast-paced life-style of young adults. Supported by the impelling beats of Dora’s drums, ranging from samba rhythms to minimal accentuation. All this is belted together by Tamara’s up-front guitar playing, sometimes loosing itself in a loop-driven vortex of sound. On top of it all, impelling melodies paired with interesting voices offer a full package: DIVES are three friends, lacking all insincerity, doing what they like best – having a good time and taking the audience along on their journey.


Viennese outfit Sluff are set to release their debut full-length: “On Debris”. An intensely emotional skyward journey, the three-piece have long mulled over their music, crafting indie slacker rock, ready to flirt with moments of soaring pop.
Cold dreams, grand utopias, and a latent urge for change… There are some things out there worth looking for. With this in mind, Sluff set out on a voyage in search of solutions. Where did this lead them? To an album about slowly growing up; to a contemplation about the world and the world within.
While dream pop, krautrock, indie rock, and shoegaze were all key reference points for the creation of “On Debris”, it’s no nostalgia piece. Myriad influences have been blended and rethought into an emotive and fragile new sound all Sluff’s own.



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